India’s hunger for medals continues at Lusofonia Games 2014

One medal isn’t enough for the outperforming dynamic Indian super squad. After the men battled against each other for the ‘Men’s doubles Bronze Medal’, an hour later the women found themselves fighting it out for the ‘Women’s Singles Gold’ title.

It was a neck to neck game with both players determined to bag the Gold. Madhurika won the first set with a fierce motive. Self motivated and gushing with aggression Madhurika played with great intensity and skill. Shamini as her stature and game plan was composed and focused throughout. The match came down to a clenching nail biter as Shamini fought back with consistency in the last set beating her team mate with a final score of  4 – 2.

 Honoured and proud to play for her country, Shamini Kumaresan said, “Table tennis is all about focus and concentration and i did that today. I aspire to be the best someday and be number one in India as well. I loved the support from the crowd. It was truly incredible, especially yesterday for the team matches. Hearing them cheer I felt like I had to play for THEM (India).


We must say it’s raining medals for India as of now!!!


Get Lusofonia Games Results Live!!

A delight for the Lusofonia fans as now they can simply log onto the website for updated results, medal tallies, player profiles and schedules.

The credit goes to the technology team at the Lusofonia Games Organising Committee (LUGOC) which is working tirelessly to ensure that schedules results and information on key matches reaches out to the people. The back-end technology team is armed with high-end software that can now generate important statistics related to the Games in real time.

Mr JJR Anand, Technology Functional Area Head said, “The Lusofonia Games Management System (LGMS) has been designed by CMC Ltd. LGMS and aims at providing an efficient and simple solution for the complex and multi faceted Games environment”.

With the help of this system, all important information related to the Games like games schedule, start list, results, medal tallies, etc will be made available on the internet. Furthermore, separate lists of medal winners – country-wise and sport-wise, will be made available.

Mr. N Kameshwar Rao, Assistant General Manager, CMC Ltd. quotes, “The system gathers real-time information from different venues and generates error-free statistics. This cuts the use of paper and other hassles, as people can access information from the internet and make the desired use of it.”

So get ready guys to be updated about the riveting contest at Lusofonia Games 2014!


Round of applause by ACOLOP President Alex Vong

Alex Vong president of the ACOLOP described the grand Opening Ceremony as “fantastic” thanking all the stakeholders for putting together the amazing show.

“I would like to thank the Government of Goa, Organizing Committee and Goa Olympic Association for their successful opening last night as it was fantastic. I am looking forward to further success,” Vong stated.

Patting the Lusofonia Games 2014 stakeholders, Vong said: “After the Games were postponed from November to December, due to certain difficulties of their own, the members in the NOC have tried their very best to take part in the games and support the ACOLOP in Lusofonia Games. All the members support Lusofonia games and Goa Olympics Association.”

As per Vong, the Lusofonia Games are all about Unity in Diversity, where all members across countries and continents come together to make the global event successful.

He further mentions that it will be unfair to compare Lusofonia Games 2014 with the earlier two editions of the event in Macau and Lisbon, as every country has its own respective culture.

India takes off Lusofonia Games 2014 with a positive start

An exciting start by Team Goa (India)   as  both men and women spikers notching a win in their respective matches held on the opening day of 3rd  Lusofonia Games

The matches featured Goa-India versus Macau and Goa-India versus Mozambique in the women’s and men’s categories respectively. Team Goa-India’s women spikers dispatched their Macanese opponents off in straight sets, with complete dominance over the course of the game.

At the end of the game, the Goa-India team Captain, Melinda Pereira, said, “A lot of it came down to the tenacity and hard work displayed the girls. Defensively, we worked very hard, and that was reflected in the scores.”

The Head Coach, R.P Tailor followed up on his star athlete’s point of view, saying, “A lot of the end result came down to effort and determination. The girls can be proud of their efforts on the court, and while we might well be guaranteed a medal, we won’t play with any less heart.”

The Macau squad was represented by their Captain, Lei Sin Kuan, who admitted her team, was found wanting, saying, “We had an uphill battle right from the start. The team fumbled a bit defensively, and at the end of the day, it cost us dearly. We can but hope that from here on, things will improve.”

The men’s match on the other hand, proved to be a dodgy affair that went down to the wire.

Round 1 saw Team Goa-India take the lead with a score of 25-17 (Time: 17 Minutes). While they won the round,  the score line indicates that they could not dominate the same. 
Round 2, saw Mozambique press the pedal clawing their way back into the game with a score of 25-21 (Time: 20 Minutes). But come Round 3, and the hosts simply decimated their opponent with a score of 25-10 (Time: 16 Minutes).

Reflecting on the victory, the Captain of the Indian squad Rama Krishna Dhawasker, opined, “The boys gave it their all. Mozambique is an agressive team, but we managed to overcome them.”

So we could say that India had a dream start to their Lusofonia Games 2014 Journey!!!

Lusofonia Fever begins with BFI landing in Goa for squad selection

The thrill of the games is filling the air, with anticipation on a rise as the countdown to the sporting event of the year, Lusofonia Games 2014 begins! Hosted by Goa this year, the 12 day sporting carnival will be conducted in nine sporting discipline , namely-  Athletics, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Football, Judo, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball and Wushu. The games scheduled to be held next month are a platform for athletes to exhibit and hone their skills and rise to victory! It is for this purpose that Basketball Federation of India (BFI) is conducting selection trials to shortlist the National Basketball team.

Scott Fleming, coach of the national basketball team along with coaches Chansoria and Abdul Hamid Khan have been conducting trials and meeting with potential players who will constitute the national basketball team. The tryouts have proved to be satisfactory for the coaches as they expressed pleasure while looking out for prospective players.

The selected team players will further go on to compete at the 29th Federation Cup National Basketball Championship to be held in Mumbai early next month . According to Coach K.K Chansoria, “An intense discussion regarding the selection of the squad is the next step on our agenda. Seven girls and 21 boys tried out at the Goa stage for selection. “

Now we can say that Goa is all set for an enthralling tournament where coaches are taking delight in selecting the best squad for Lusofonia Games 2014.

So be the part of this exhilarating contest where talent will meet success!!!

Kicking off the celebrations around Lusofonia Games, the Goan style.

A cultural extravaganza is planned for Lusofonia Games curtain raiser event to launch the official Games song and mascot on 10th December 2013. Goa will witness a dazzling ceremony alongside the river Mandovi, Panaji. The grand launch event will take place in the presence of state officials, sportspersons, the designated Chef-de-Missions of the participating countries, ACOLOP members and other dignitaries.

The much anticipated Lusofonia Games scheduled to be held in Goa in January 2014 will have a distinct Goan flavour. Goa’s quintessential nightingales – the evergreen Lorna and Goa’s fadista Sonia Shirsat have been approached to lend their melodious voices to the Lusofonia Games’ official Games song.  For the very first time, Goa will see the state’s leading ladies of music perform together on one stage.Penned by poet and writer St Andrade MLA Vishnu Wagh, the multilingual Games song has been scripted in Konkani, Portuguese, Marathi, Hindi and English and  will be composed by Goan musician MukeshGhatwal.

India is a country with a rich cultural diversity. This ethos of multiplicity will be celebrated at the Lusofonia Games launch event through the theme which celebrates the five elements of nature – Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether (Agni – Jal – Vayo – Prithvi – Aakash). Conceptualised by a team of creative intellectuals including Tomazinho Cardozo, Ajay Vaiydya, ShridharBambolkar, Rose Ferns, Rajeev Shinde and SatishGawas lead by celebrated theatre director BansiKaul, the glittering evening will see a mesmerising performance of various art forms, symbolic of the five elements of the cosmos.

The fiesta with culturally enriched treats will unveil the official games song and mascot, marking the beginning of the journey for Lusofonia Games 2014, Goa.

Lusofonia witnesses overwhelming volunteer response

With the clock ticking fast, the pre event course of action for Goa’s biggest sporting event is pacing up. The Lusofonia Games Organizing Committee (LUGOC) registered a whooping sum of 2967 volunteers already.

The training for the Volunteers will be conducted in the month of December by one of the India’s most prestigious B-school, Goa Institute of Management (GIM) under three different categories – General, Venue Specific and Role Specific (which includes sports specific and security volunteers). 400 sports specific volunteers are being sourced by the local sports bodies and 270 security volunteers from the Goa police and home guards.

 As a result of LUGOC’s volunteer recruitment drive across Goa’s major institutions, Lusofonia has received participation from over 33 colleges across the state. The volunteers will be evaluated at every step and according to their experience and potential the tasks will be allotted.

 Apart from a learning opportunity LUGOC-Goa will acknowledge the efforts and participation of the volunteers by conducting a Volunteer Recognition Program and ceremony at the end of the Games.

Volunteers will be trained in the basics of Portuguese language. Chowgule college, Margao; St Xavier’s college, Mapusa and at Instituto Camoes in Panaji will conduct the language classes in November. LUGOC has also received registration of Portuguese speaking volunteers. The interviews for selection of these volunteers are on the go.

So hold on to your nerves for the upcoming Lusofonia games, Goa, as the never ending journey begins now.